2023 Cadillac CT4 vs. CT5

2022 Cadillac CT5 vs 2022 Cadillac CT4
2023 Cadillac CT4


2023 Cadillac CT5

Starting MSRP


Engine Options

310 hp

Maximum Horsepower

335 hp
350 lb-ft

Maximum Torque

405 lb-ft
33.4 inches

Rear Legroom

37.9 inches
10.7 cubic feet

Trunk Space

11.9 cubic feet

Is your heart set on a new Cadillac sedan? Then you may be stuck between two of the most popular premium models: the 2023 Cadillac CT4 and the 2023 Cadillac CT5. With similar sophisticated styles, luxury features, and capable performance, it can be difficult to decide which of these Cadillac sedans is right for your Minot Air Force Base drives. No worries– Ryan Cadillac Minot is here to help. See how these two sedans stack up in the Cadillac CT4 vs. CT5 comparison from Ryan Cadillac Minot.



2023 Cadillac CT4 vs. CT5: Interior Dimensions

The first factor to consider when choosing between the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 is their size. While both offer seating for up to five passengers, the Cadillac CT5 sports a slightly longer wheelbase, giving everyone more room to stretch out and relax on their drives through Stanley. That said, the Cadillac CT4 doesn’t skimp on space, offering similar cargo and front-seat room to the CT5. Compare these Cadillac sedans by their interior dimensions to see which will provide the spaciousness you need on every drive:

Cadillac CT4 Interior Dimensions

  • Headroom (Front/Rear): 38.3 inches / 36.5 inches
  • Shoulder Room (Front/Rear): 55.2 inches / 53.9 inches
  • Hip Room (Front/Rear): 53 inches / 52.5 inches
  • Legroom (Front/Rear): 42.4 inches / 33.4 inches
  • Trunk Volume: 10.7 cubic feet

Cadillac CT5 Interior Dimensions

  • Headroom (Front/Rear): 39 inches / 36.6 inches
  • Shoulder Room (Front/Rear): 56.7 inches / 55.7 inches
  • Hip Room (Front/Rear): 53.7 inches / 53.7 inches
  • Legroom (Front/Rear): 42.4 inches / 37.9 inches
  • Trunk Volume: 11.9 cubic feet

2023 Cadillac CT4 vs. CT5: Performance 

Once you’ve settled on comfort, it’s time to consider power. Whether you choose the 2023 Cadillac CT4 or CT5, you’ll find a 2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbocharged 4-Cylinder engine under the hood, capable of the same horsepower and torque on the Bottineau streets. However, moving to the upgraded engine options shows the Cadillac CT5 offers more performance with its available V6 engine, an engine that the 2023 CT4 can’t quite beat. Decide which Cadillac will give you the power you need with the engine specs below:

Cadillac CT4 Engine Options

2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Engine

  • 237 hp
  • 258 lb-ft of torque
  • 6.2-second 0-60 mph acceleration with RWD

2.7L Dual-Volute Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Engine

  • 310 hp
  • 350 lb-ft of torque
  • 4.8-second 0-60 mph acceleration with RWD

Cadillac CT5 Engine Options

2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbocharged 4-Cylinder Engine

  • 237 hp
  • 258 lb-ft of torque
  • 6.6-second 0-60 mph acceleration with RWD

3.0L Twin-Turbocharged V6 Engine

  • 335 hp
  • 405 lb-ft of torque
  • 4.9-second 0-60 mph acceleration with RWD

2023 Cadillac CT4 vs. CT5: Prices & Trims

The upgraded space and power of the Cadillac CT5 comes at a price. While both Cadillac sedans offer luxury features at a competitive cost, the Cadillac CT4 can offer the same performance as the CT5 for nearly $4,000 less. Still, the price differences for the trims aren’t so far off from one another. Which you choose will come down to the performance, space, and features you desire while driving around Minot. See the breakdown of the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 trims here:

Cadillac CT4 Trims & Starting Prices

  • 2023 Cadillac CT4 Luxury: Starting at $34,395 MSRP
  • 2023 Cadillac CT4 Premium Luxury: Starting at $39,295 MSRP
  • 2023 Cadillac CT4 Sport: Starting at $40,495 MSRP

Cadillac CT5 Trims & Starting Prices

  • 2023 Cadillac CT5 Luxury: Starting at $38,195 MSRP
  • 2023 Cadillac CT5 Premium Luxury: Starting at $42,695 MSRP
  • 2023 Cadillac CT5 Sport: Starting at $43,895 MSRP

Find Your Favorite Cadillac CT4 or CT5 at Ryan Cadillac Minot

Don’t stop your Cadillac sedan comparison there– continue your journey when you visit Ryan Cadillac Minot! Contact us to make an appointment at our Minot dealership, and our team will walk you through all the differences between the Cadillac CT4 and CT5. When you’re ready to decide, browse our new CT4 and CT5 inventory to find the model, trim, and color you’d like for your new Cadillac. 


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