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Shopping for a brand new vehicle can be fun, but you may be wary of potential stressors along the way. Our Ryan Cadillac of Minot finance team is here to help in any way possible, helping you navigate your car buying journey and answer any questions you may have. If you’re unsure about buying or leasing, our Cadillac dealership in Minot has your back.

Should I Buy or Lease a Cadillac?

Why Buy a New Cadillac

The biggest pro to buying a new Cadillac is that the vehicle is officially yours after you pay it off. After making the final loan payment, you truly own the Cadillac you’ve been paying for, presenting you with plenty of avenues to explore such as customizing, selling or trading.

Opting to buy your new vehicle means you won’t have to worry about staying below a mileage limit, though these payments are typically higher than loan payments. If your vehicle is in need of service or repairs after the expiration of any warranties, you’d be responsible for those, as well.

Why Lease a New Cadillac

If you like driving a newer vehicle or want to explore the Cadillac lineup, leasing may be the right choice for you. When leasing, you drive a dealership-owned vehicle for a set amount of time, and following the completion of the lease, you can start anew with an updated model year or a new Cadillac altogether.

While the dealership handles routine maintenance and services for your vehicle throughout the lease, you do have to stay within the mileage limit and keep potential fees related to excessive wear in mind.

Buy or Lease a New Cadillac in Minot, ND Today

If you’re interested in trying out a brand new Cadillac for yourself, schedule a test drive with us at our Cadillac dealership in Minot. If you have any questions about buying, leasing or available models available in our new Cadillac inventory, be sure to contact us at Ryan Cadillac of Minot.

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